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28 February, from 6-9pm, Location: Marae
Please join us at the marae this coming Wednesday for a creative workshop and update on the Master Plan. We'll share work done so far and have fun with post-it's and improv games to imagine activities on the whenua.

Emerging Issues Survey

Kia ora Whanau! 
Whai Maia, the development arm of Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, is embarking on a journey to articulate a vision for our whenua - the Pourewa and Whenua Rangatira Reserve lands. We know that the vision will call on our values of guardianship of the land, kaitiakitanga, and connection and relationships, whanaungatanga, among others. But the particular aspirations of the vision and the big, hairy, audacious goals we set for ourselves have yet to be determined. 
One of the key streams of effort as we move through this project will include foresight research. Part of honouring our history and our ancestors - our tipuna - is by setting the standard for leadership and adaptation into our country’s future. 
All of the ideas and technologies that we take for granted today, such as “sustainability,” smart phones, and automobiles, things that have had a huge influence on our world, were at one point just possibilities, and often times crazy-sounding ideas at that. Like the concept of Kaupapa Maori research principles as equal to western research principles, they were what we call, emerging issues.  Emerging issues are things like new technologies and ideas that, while only experimental or even fringe thinking today, could become critically important drivers of change in the future. 
As we prepare to think about the future and to develop new, inspiring visions for what we want the future to look like, we’d like to gather a broad range of ideas about the forces and opportunities that may shape our future.  In the short survey that follows, we’d like to ask you about the emerging issues you think may be important in the future.  We’d also like to ask about the concerns and the hopes you have for the years ahead.
Tēnā rawa atu koe!  

Please help us and fill out the survey.


Futures Research


There are two core pillars that underpin a quality strategy: user research and futures research.

The user research is being led by Whai Maia Limited using both qualitative and quantitative methods, generating insights focusing on historical narratives and a deep analysis on the current state of their whanau.

For the second pillar, WML will work with Vision Foresight Strategy, a Native Hawaiian owned futures research consultancy, to analyze emerging issues in order to explore potential scenarios of urban life in Auckland 20-30 years from now. Although it is common to find contractors referring to themselves as futurists without possessing any formal training, for the master planning project, NWO has sought to identify a professionally trained futures research organization led by PhD trained consultants with lengthy industry experience.

NWO sees this preparation as central to their ability to develop the precious whenua and regenerate the lifeblood of whanau connection there.

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