Small-Medium Enterprise Development

Applications are now open for the SME support program! 

Thank you to everyone that expressed interest in our new SME program, we are excited and proud to announce that applications are now open. There are limited spaces available, so get in fast.



  •     NWO whānau wealth prosperity strategy 

  •     Great support opportunity 

    •    50 billion Māori economy - SME contribution approx. 17%  

  •     Leverage existing relationships 


  •   2018 pilot year - 5 x start ups/2 x Emerging business 

  •     SME's owned/controlled by NWO registered adult members 

  •     External reviewers make recommendations on whether business ready or further planning required 

  •    Second tier support given through business mentoring for those that miss out on year one opportunity 


  •    Support structure for emerging whānau business 

  •    provides access to partners who are engaged in the scheme 

  •     Involves support (accounting/tax), finance, office space, partner opportunities


        Program "will not" 

    •     Run the business 

    •     Be involved in decision making 

    •     provide businesses/ideas/contracts 

    •    Contribute capital cash

Sign me up - How do I apply? 



  •    Collate feedback, reach out to appropriate partners, lock in strategic support 
  •    Feb 12- 
    •    Applications open for potential SME's to apply for the program 
  •    Mar 9- 
    •     Shortlist of SME's made 
    •     Individuals to meet with external reviewer to discuss business case/business ready 
  •     Mar 23-
    •     Recommendations made to SME team, tier 1, tier 2 groups selected 
  •  Mar 31- 
    •     Have first SME's engaging with key strategic partners and moving business forward  

APPLICATIONS CLOSE ON MARCH 9 - Kia kamakama mai e te whānau

Please send your business plan and details to


Any further enquiries please contact:
Jamie cook

Business Development Manager 

021 911 653 


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