We’ve created a storytelling app ‘T.I.A’ that shares the creation story of Ranginui and Papatuānuku through augmented reality. Tia the manu will guide you along the way and will keep you engaged via this innovative and entertaining platform. Experience māori cultural stories and meet māori superheroes in 3D, no matter where you are in the world.


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Kākahu | Clothing: 

We chose red, black and white as traditional Māori colours and felt this app was originally going to show us off as a platform for all Māori content but recognising that in the future as iwi might perhaps invest in their own stories on our platform and we do our own Whātua specific stories then our Iwi colours will become more relevant. The red black and white colours symbolise many combinations including People, land and mana. Tinana, hinengaro and wairua. Whānau | Blood, earth and sky. 

Her clothes are ferns, trees, pleats in her korowai(cloak) are the earthly underlays. 


We chose the rauru which means “Gives birth to life”. It reflects our state of being as humanity, the way we treat ourselves and how we treat her. “Whakangarongaro te tāngata, toitū te whenua”. “Ki te paru te whenua ka paru te tāngata”. 

When a wahine gives birth to a baby, the father must give to the mother like she gives to us (use the example of a father passing born baby to mother). 




Kākahu | Clothing: 

We chose the colours of kahurangi | dark blue and kikorangi | lighter blue to depict the two different colours of the day sky and the night sky could be enhanced through his hair and the inner part of his korowai from which the stars omit in the performance. The outer colour of his korowai represents a sunny sky and the day time. 

We’re giving a way an ipad. Details to be revealed soon.


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