2021 NWO Elections – Candidates

Renata BLAIR

Tēnā koutou katoa e Ngāti Whātua ki Ōrākei.  Ko Maungakiekie te maunga, ko Māhuhu ki te Rangi te waka, ko Tumutumuwhenua te whare tupuna, ko Tuperiri te Tangata, ko Renata Blair ahau.

E te iwi, thank you for your support for the past 2 terms on the Board. I view it as a privilege to serve on the Trust, and to serve our people.

We have achieved some amazing things in the past 8 years.  Some of the key highlights include the NIB Health Insurance, Toi Tupu Savings, papakāinga housing, new kaumātua housing, a huge uplift in te reo, kapa haka, pēpi support for young parents, education grants, kaumātua support and awhi for all of our whānau during Covid across the motu and overseas.  There is still much to do, and I believe we can do even better and achieve more.

I am a member of the Treaty Settlement Protection Committee, and I led the establishment of our first Risk Audit and Assurance Committee.  I am also Chair of Te Reu Roa which is a constituted committee of the Trust that researches kaupapa pertaining to Ngāti Whātua Orākei history, whakapapa, te reo, leadership, tikanga and kawa. 

I have also graduated this year from the first intake of Matakahi, which is our Ngāti Whātua Orākei whare wānanga for Te Reo Māori excellence.

I am fully committed to protecting our lands and moana from the spurious claims from other iwi and it was an honour to be chosen as one of the speakers on our paepae.  I will always defend our takiwā from other iwi who are continually over-reaching into our whenua – e kore e riro!

In my day job, I am Head of Māori Business at BNZ and part of our Institutional Banking team managing major investments, and I believe I can contribute further to the financial and business leadership of the Trust.  I have lived in Ōrākei for 30 years and committed to the mahi of the Trust, Ōrākei marae, sports, education, business and kapa haka.  I would love to once again, serve the iwi.


Brenda Rangimarie CHRISTIANSEN

Ko Māhuhu ki te rangi te waka

Ko Maungakiekie te maunga

Ko Waitematā te moana

Ko Ngā Oho, Te Taoū, Ko Te Uringutu ngā hapū

Ko Ngāti Whātua te iwi

Ko Apihai Te Kawau te Rangatira

Ko (Tiamana) Pateora Te Hira raua Ko Keita Moki oku Tupuna

Ko Aperehama Tukua (Duke) Hira raua ko Hemaima (Maima) Tarapata (Talbot) oku tupuna maatua

Ko Leo Holmsgaard Christiansen toku papa

Ko Rerewairua Jean Batten Hira toku mama

Ko Brenda Rangimarie Christiansen toku ingao

Kia ora.

Mai Te Pono

Ma Te Tika

Kia Oti Pai te Mahi.

I believe all whanau have a voice and deserve to be heard, kept informed; treated fairly, reasonably and with respect.

I believe we are doing our job when we, the Trust Board hold government to account to uphold their commitments to te Tiriti o Waitangi and we are securing and growing our assets to support intergenerational wellbeing towards improving whanau lives. I don’t believe we can do this by kowtowing to personal, political and media agendas.

As a current Elected Representative, I have had many different experiences at the Board table, some enjoyable and some not so much. I support collective decisions, just as equally, I will stand on my own if I don’t believe a decision is right.

My intention when I first put myself forward was to come from a position of honesty, do what is right, and do it well. I remain committed to that Kaupapa.

Precious CLARK

E ngā uri o Tuperiri, he mihi maioha ki a koutou katoa.

E rere tonu ana te toto tapu o aku tini tupuna mai i a Tuperiri, Apihai Te Kawau, Piupiu raua ko Eruini Hawke ki roto i ahau.

Ko Precious Clark ahau, e mihi atu ki a koutou Ngāti Whātua heru hāpai.

I’m seeking reappointment because I care about our whakapapa and our future; our mokopuna, kaumātua, culture and reo, our whenua and taiao.

I stand for: more housing for whānau; alleviating the impacts of poverty on whānau; strengthening our reo, tikanga and matauranga; establishing a Kura-a-Iwi.

Covid has taught us many things, and has challenged us in many ways. As a Trust, Covid allowed us to demonstrate our focus on whānau. Prioritising the health, safety and wellbeing of our whānau was, and remains our priority. Pulling together as whānau, to care for whānau, from delivering care packs across the motu to setting up a vaccination centre are just some of the things I’m proud of in our collective leadership.

With every breath I take I am proud to be from Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, and always try to represent us with the mana and determination that was embedded in us by our tupuna. When I advocate for our people, everyone knows I draw my strength from our Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei whakapapa.

The skills I bring are:

He Kanohi kitea – Active contributor to Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei governance, marae and hapū activities; Create opportunities for whānau in arts, business and employment.

Proven leader – Chief Executive of my business Maurea Consulting. I have a team of 8, including whanau. We work tirelessly to improve outcomes for Māori; Director on Whai Rawa, Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board, Chair of Auckland Museum Taumata-a-Iwi, Chair of Te Tira Kautū.

Education and connections – Degree in Law and Arts from Auckland University; International legal experience; Well connected to business leaders, Councillors, MP’s and international connections; Member of the Institute of Directors.

Culturally astute – Speaker of te reo and practitioner of tikanga, kaikaranga; Raising my whānau in a kaupapa Māori environment.

Commercially astute – Successfully run my own business, with year on year growth; On the Whai Rawa Board that grew our net equity value by 400% since 2013 to $1.2B; Since 2013 we generated 20.1% post tax portfolio return per annum. Compared to the NZ Superfund who generated 12.3% and NZX50 who returned 14% over the same period.


Kia tū tātou, i runga nga pokohiwi i rātou ma

[We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us]

Ko Leeann Corvette tōku ingoa

He uri tenei no Nga Oho, Ngāti Whātua, Ngapuhi, Te Rarawa, Te Aupōuri, Ngāti Wai, Ngāti Kahu, Ngāti Manipoto, Ngāti Paoa, Tainui, Ngāti Hē ōku iwi.

“Wahine of many cousins” from Muriwhenua(Te Koni/Murray/Peters/ Te Haara/Shepherd whānau) to Kaipara(Maihi) Waikato (Wahanui) & Tauranga(Katene).

I acknowledge my tupuna from Orākei, Ko Nani Ruby Grey toku tupuna whaea whāngai, our 1991 trust board chair, kaiako o te reo, kaitito, Māori Affairs & Women’s Welfare League stalwart. Ko Julia Peters toku whaea, aku Muriwhenua koro Riki (Dick) Peters who lived in our homestead at 49 Kitemo, a 1964-71 Marae volunteer.  Ko Olive Corvette (nee Peters) toku mama “affectionately known as Bebs, Devil Woman” 1982-86, te tuatahi i te kaiwhakahaere o Te Kohanga Reo o Orākei Marae. A Marae education volunteer, a 1967 mama helper together with other mamas, nannies and aunties who through aroha, goodwill, cultural exchange education and as ahi kā built our Marae.

I hoki au ki te papakāinga in 2017 from Hong Kong. Volunteering for our Marae trust board Komiti Marae Orākei Trust & with KMOT helped amend & update the Marae trust deed given my professional corporate trustee & compliance expertise, saving our people much needed putea that could be utilised for our Marae and whānau elsewhere.

He kaihaumaru ahau kei konei i te Marae. I also do the back office but necessary risk & compliance mahi for our Marae & as part of NWO hapū mahi tahi. On our Marae I have permission from our kuia to karanga mai to our manuhiri. I enjoy my te reo journey with our whānau kaiako. As a Te Pouhere Taonga recognised Orākei Marae historian with taku teina, we on behalf of our hapū obtained Wāhi Tūpuna status for Te Puāwai, our first whare on the Marae which holds treasured pūrākau of our tupuna, supported by our whānau & KMOT.

Competence and as a trusted Marae whānau member will add value to NWOT. Grassroots mahi helps me understand our kaimahi throughout the hapū trying to do their best. Engari, our tupuna didn’t get to reap the benefits we have today. They wanted all of us to contribute positively to our Marae, our hapū. Please vote as it is an important whānau right. Kia noho haumaru (Stay Safe).


Kei aku nui, kei aku rahi, nei rā te mihi ki a tatou, ngā uri o Tuperiri.

Ko Wiremu Reweti rāua ko Kane Nepu Paora oku tūpuna tuatahi

Ko Piriniha Davis rāua ko Esther Davis oku mātua

Ko au te pōtiki o ta rāua hononga

Ko Ōrākei toku Tūrangawaewae

Ko Wiremu Tamakehu Davis ahau 

I am grounded by my experience of growing up in Ōrākei, shaped by my whānau and our tūpuna korero, pūrākau, waiata, kapa-haka, te reo me ōna tikanga, and their enduring commitment and hope for us, ngā uri o Tuperiri.

Member of the Institute of Directors, MBA, PGDip in Māori Business Development, Māori Performing Arts and Health Science Diplomas. Toku pūkenga extend from governing large business and health organizations to owning a business and mahi aroha for small community organizations. As Deputy Chair for ADHB, I consolidated Ngāti Whātua leadership, and focused my energy on Te Tiriti obligations, Equity and Hauora for Māori in Tāmaki. My highlight, since humbly contributing to the Trust and Whai Māia Boards, has been supporting our outstanding Covid response and the first Iwi-led vaccination centre in Aotearoa. This response has accelerated our self-determination through the sustainable circular economy of Toi Whātua, Toi Taiao and Toi Ora, expanding our reach to whānau and our cultural identity, Whātua reo, Whātua tikanga, Whātua Tangata, within and across our tribal boundaries. I recognize much more needs to be done, and your vote of confidence will enable me to serve you further.

I stand for tino rangatiratanga, cultural integrity, te reo me ngā ōna tikanga, innovation, healthy and sustainable kāinga for our growing whānau, healthy whenua and waterways, successful education and career pathways for us, our tamariki and mokopuna, physical and spiritual fulfillment for ngā uri o Tuperiri. In Covid and post-Covid times, our hauora is paramount, and every hapū members’ wellbeing, mai te whenua ki te whenua, is what I stand for, with aroha, commitment to our Mātāpono, accountability and whānau at the fore front of all decisions.

Mā tō tātou whanaungatanga e whakataki i te ritenga tika.

Ngahuia Owena HAWKE

Mihiarohanui ki a Io

Te whare aa Mu ahau

Ko Rocky Mu Maihi Hawke toku papa

Ko Ngahuia Owena Hawke toku ingoa

I have been brought up on our beautiful whenua especially our marae to live up to our Tupuna virtues of hei manaaki hei tiaki me te arohanui o nga mea katoa i runga i te whenua aa Tamaki Makaurau. If voted in I will utilize the teachings I have been taught by our Kau and Kuia especially my dad to Unite our PEOPLE to move forward together Hoea te waka Kotahi.

Sharon Aroha HAWKE

Ko au he uri o Te Kawau. Ko ia te rangatira o Tamaki Nui. Kei te mihi ki a koutou e te whanau. Tena koutou e nga uri o Tuperiri i tenei wahanga pouri. I stand again for a third term on the Trust. I participated in the evolution from the old to the new governance platform since our settlement in 2012. Through these trying times of COVID-19 and Delta-20 we have gone from strength to strength. I am seeing us as a hapu develop into a strong community that will hold us as a people, the true tangata whenua of Tamaki Nui. I bring to the table a discerning view and a critical analysis of the wider strategy. I am not afraid to ask the difficult questions or face the tough issues. Whanau, I have a legacy of whenua, justice and well-being under my belt. I have plenty of fight in me. Allow me to prove that at these next elections. Mauri ora.

Thomas John IRVINE

Ko Ngāti Whātua te iwi

Ko Tuperiri tōku tupuna

Nā Tuperiri ko Tarahawaiiki

Nāna ko Atareta

Nāna ko Rēweti

Nāna ko Wiremu Te Whenua

Nāna ko Pāora Rēweti

Nāna ko Pirinihia Rēweti

Nāna ko Esther Viola Rēweti

Nāna ko Merekaraka Talbot

Nāna ko au, ko Tom Irvine e tono atu nei

Tenā koutou katoa me ngā mihi nui hoki e te Whānau. Ko au ko Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, ko Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei ko au.

Tōku whakapapa, through our māreikura Nanny Nan also connects me to Tuperiri through our Whakaariki and Paewhenua lines. With this deep connection to so many of you, I was born to serve our Whānau.

“Mā tō tātou whanaungatanga e whakataki te ritenga tika”

A highly effective leader with governance experience, broad business contacts, strong Iwi and Civic engagement, and sincere love of Tāmaki Makaurau and our people.

With my broad commercial acumen, governance experience and drive for Whānau equity, I will make a positive contribution on our Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Trust Board.

If elected, my focus will be supporting structures and strategies that ensure current and future generations of our Whānau are healthy, happy, prosperous and connected to each other.

Ngā mihi nui, mauri Whātua!

My character is ethical, thoughtful and hardworking with a focus on people, place and purpose. Refer below summary of personal strengths, governance and leadership experience:

Personal Strengths: Values driven, Excellent motivator and collaborator, Exceptional interpersonal skills, high EQ, Powerful advocate and influencer, Strategic problem-solving, Outcome focussed, Compassionate, reliable and decisive, Community, Environmentally and Whānau oriented.

Governance Experience (all volunteer positions): Revive our Gulf, Art Gallery Advisory Committee, Committee for Auckland, Okahu Bay Sports & Cultural Club, Waimahia School, Mount Albert Rugby League.     

Senior Leadership Positions: Auckland Art Gallery, Deputy Director (Current Role), Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, Whai Maia, Chief Operating Officer, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, Whai Maia, GM Transformation, Astron Sustainability, Business Manager, Haden Custance (Mercer Group), VP Global Sales, Mercer Group, Chief Operating Officer, Titan Slicer (Mercer Group) General Manager, Schindler Lifts NZ Ltd, National Sales & Business Manager, HMPS Packaging Automation, General Manager.

No image provided by candidate

Stephen Tautuhi PHILLIPS

The current corporate style of governance is not sustainable for the future of our hapu. We need to look at our past to learn how we can design the future and it clearly points to Sustainable Solutions.

Housing using eco friendly and sustainable designs will ensure healthy, warm, clean homes.

Training and Employment for our hapu members so that they can participate in building our homes and our futures. We are too heavily laden with DEBT. HOW will we repay our Debt? WHEN will it be repaid? No one can answer and the DEBT just keeps climbing.


Tena koutou katoa,

Ko Wiremu Watene Tautari raua ko Kirihipina Pateoro

Ko toku koroua me toku kuia nui.

Ko Taoho Watene toku matua tuarua.

Ko Kiwara Watene toku matua.

Ko Harry Watene toku papa.

Ko Vicky Pollock tenei.

I am standing for election on the Ngati Whatua Trust Board for 2021 as I believe in fairness, equality and to give every beneficiary of Ngati Whatua Orakei a fair go.

I promote and support a more open transparent process of how our Trust Board operates. And yes, I would definitely like to see Trust Board Meetings held back on the Marae.

Why? When discussions and decisions are carried out behind closed doors, and minutes of meetings are not made available to members, this does not build trust or confidence. This needs to change to one of fostering togetherness and participation by the members, so that all can observe the proceedings.

A change is needed otherwise we will end up in the same place doing the same things again.

We all need to be paddling in the same waka, heading in the same direction to reach our full potential as Iwi, Hapu, and whanau of Ngati Whatua Orakei, and for the betterment of our Tamariki and Moko’s future.

I want to be part of the solution in helping us gain unity, so we can work together, show love and care for one another, treat each other with dignity and respect, and value our Whatuatanga, because that is the link that joins us all together.

No reira,

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa.

Edd Poata Uruamo PORTER


E tū ana au i te tihi tapu o Tau Whare

Ka mātai whakararo ki ngā wai tuku kiri o Waipatukahu

Ka hōkai atu rā ki te moana Kaipara e rere kōpikopiko ana

Ki toku whenua taurikura ki Whiti te Rā

He uri tēnei o te whānau Poata-Uruamo, te whānau Paora-Kawharu anō hoki

E ko Mahuhu ki te rangi, e ko Ngati Whatua ki Kaipara te tū ake nei, e ko Te Tao Ū e mihi atu nei.

Ko Edd Poata Uruamo Porter ahau.


I am fortunate enough to have been born, raised and to have resided in Te Tao Ū at my haukainga for most of my 50 years. Growing up in a self-sustainable lifestyle in which we had to learn how to cultivate our own kai on our whenua. How to use the resources of our land and our awa. Developing our whenua and our kainga to better shelter myself and my whānau. Although we weren’t fortunate to grow up in the reo, these are skills and attributes that I accredit to my tikanga enriched whānau.

My involvement in the pollution of O Ngarahu o Rewiti is why I am passionate to voice my concerns, to seek resolution in how we can tiaki our whenua, awa, moana that we have left here in Tāmaki for future generations to come. Again, my skills and attributes that I have inherited from my whānau and our way of living is why I want to stress to our iwi as a whole, how we can sustain the lifestyle of which was once, how our tupuna lived and thrived of our land.

Mana Whenua.

Mana Moana.

Mana Tangata.


Kei aku iti, kei aku rahi. Ko te mokopuna tenei a Nelda Davis raua ko Dawson Davis ahau. Ko Graham Tipene taku ingoa.

He uri whakaheke ahau no Tuperiri. Ko Orakei taku turangawaewae. Kei Orakei ahau e noho tonu ana. Toko wha aku tamariki, he whangai tetahi. He tamaiti whangai hoki au no te whanau Davis ki te whanau Raharuhi. Ko Maryshan Tipene toku whaea.

He hiahia nōku te whakamana i nga wawata o a tatou Matua Tupuna me nga uri whakaheke katoa o Ngāti Whatua. Ma te poari enei wawata ka whakatutuki. Mā te poari ano to tatou iwi e whakarite ai ma nga tau kei te heke mai. He tirohanga whāroa te mahi, he iwi oranga nui te hua.

Growing up in Orakei has given me the opportunity to appreciate the work of those before us. This has also given me years of learning and growing within the hapu to understand who Ngāti Whatua Orakei is and to also recognise potential growth areas within our people.

Previous and current positions on other boards, Iwi and Non Iwi, have allowed me to extend my skillset and give back positively to each kaupapa that I was privileged to be part of.

The Methamphetamine crisis we experienced in the mid 2000s set me on a path of kaupapa creation that was, at its core, by the people, for the people. The Great Boothill Trolley Derby, Hills Kitchen and Reo Maori Charades are just some of the successful kaupapa I have pulled together over the years.

In recent years I have been able to use my knowledge of Te Reo me ona Tikanga to maintain a strong Ngāti Whatua presence within the Tamaki region. Sometimes it’s to open a conference or kaupapa with Whaikorero. Other times it’s to ensure Ngāti Whatua has overt artistic expressions throughout Tamaki Makaurau that compliment the amazing work done by previous Ngāti Whatua hapu members. I hope to inspire the next generation of our people into any field they see themselves thriving. For the individual, for the Iwi.

Ki te mana te iwi i taku tu, ka ruku kawau māro au ki te hapai i taku iwi.

If I am elected by the people I will focus all my efforts to the work ahead and to my people.

Te Morehu Maurice WATENE
Kia ora tatau katoa

MatuaTama Wairua Tapu Me Nga Anahera Pono Me Te Mangai Ae

IHOA Pikiteora Pikitekaha Pikitemaramatanga…

Te Morehu Maurice Watene, Taku ingoa, I was born 16th November 1950, here at 69 Kitemoana Street Orakei.

Mum Ani Poihaere Pumipi Maaka Rewi Teaho Renata Tamehana Watene, Dad TimiTahanaTai Watene (Jimi Knocky).

I was named after Uncle Morrie Grey, a very reserved gentleman and jazz guitarist, and husband of longtime serving Chairperson of our Trust Board Aunty Ruby Grey.

They say I was the first born on the hill (Boothill).

 I’m quite proud of that. For me it sits well with our history to this whenua.

My father, his father Tataiarangi Watene Tautari, and grandfather Wiremu Watene Tautari, were also born here down on the Pa at Okahu. Now also their place of rest MOE MAI RA…

The Legacy of our Great grandfather Wiremu Watene Tautari is very dear to my heart.

For more information since, find Herbs band on Google.  I am really concerned with the path our directors are heading out of sight in secrecy from whanau, accusations with instant dismissal for wrongful intentions. Suicide.  When whanau were asked to approve hundreds of millions more $$$$ to a corporation that has one purpose which is to Improve on our assets, was declined, by votes. It’s with grateful thanx to all those who voted NO!!!

And to top things off, as my niece Viki Pollock has mentioned to have an election during level 4 lockdown is blatantly deliberate and absolutely out of control.

One question that’s been asked who owns Kupe St homes and apartments?

This hoha has to end.

The time for change is here.

Nga mihinui.