Housing strategy

In 2018, the Trust created Whātua Āhurutanga which included two nominees each from the boards of Whai Māia and Whai Rawa, as well as two Trust board members in addition to two whānau members. The komiti was disbanded in June shortly after delivering the strategy to the trust and on August 5 the Trust presented the strategy to the hapū at a Whānau Wānanga.

The report makes recommendations which the Trust is still considering. Whānau are reminded that this document is the strategy recommended by Whātua Āhurutanga but about which the Trust must still decide whether it accepts it as a whole, or in part – or none at all. The strategy is well researched and backed up by evidence gained from extensive whānau consultation. The Trust’s key challenge is to make sure the issues identified by Whātua Āhurutanga are addressed in a way that is appropriate for the Trust.

Whātua Āhurutanga.

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