Mahi 100

100 Whātua uri into employment and/or upskilling opportunities!


Mahi100 is a campaign that aims to advance 100 Whātua uri into employment and/or upskilling opportunities. We will be working closely with key partners to ensure whānau have the best wrap-around support regarding employment.


We offer a range of employment supports! Check out our toolkit below

  • Support with seeking employment

  • Career Mapping Support

  • Upskilling Support

  • HR Support

  • Licensing e.g Fork Hoist ant Truck.

Cant find anything you are interested in here? Fill out our Mahi interest form to tell us what your looking for and team will reach out  to find opportunities for you!

Or email Rehua, rehuat@nwo.iwi.nz if you have any pātai!

Whatu-a | The Webseries.

Whatu-a: Whatu (verb) (-a) means to weave. Our Whatu-a webseries weaves together the three E’s (Education, Employment and Enterprise) where whānau have real-life conversations, sharing their experiences in their industries to provide insight into their everyday working life. Across the 5 webisodes we had a range of familiar faces feature and share their experiences, a little top tip and insights into their journey, relating to the education, employment and small-medium enterprise (SME) sectors.

Mātakitaki mai – Watch more now!

The Mahi Board.

Welcome to the Mahi Board. We have created this space for whānau who are looking for employment opportunities


Take a look at some of the roles available right now. We’ve grouped the opportunities into newsletter issues. We want to share these opportunities with as many whānau as possible. Check them out below 👇

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Previous Issues.

Other Employment Supports

Employment Supports

Can’t find what you are looking for? Let us know more by filling out this form here. 

We’re here to support you and help you meet your employment aspirations!

Mahi Board - SPOTLIGHT.