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Live Webinars.


Due to popular demand!

We held another live webinar including our Elected representatives Arekatera Maihi and Marama Royal, Jamie Sinclair (CEO) and Monique Maihi-Pihema (Host).

NOTE: Q&A’s come after each section.                                                          

Tune into our recent live webinar including our panel Precious Clarke, Renata Blair, Jamie Sinclair and Monique Maihi-Pihema.                      

0:05:57                  Opening / mihi / introductions
0:07:57                  Background
0:12:40                  Membership
0:21:43                  Loan Ratios
0:29:00                 Maps of land 
0:41:40                  Ad break
0:44:05                 Electronic voting, hui and notices
0:55:27                  Trust Act 2019
0:58:04                  Administrative changes
1:02:26                  Voting & logistics
1:07:44                  Final messages from the panel

NOTE: Q&A’s come after each section.


Tune in to watch Monique Maihi-Pihema (Host), Sharon Hawke (Elected representative) Jamie Sinclair (CEO, Trust) and Andrew Crocker (CEO, Whai Rawa).



Tune in to watch Monique Maihi-Pihema (Host), Marama Royal (Chair) Jamie Sinclair (CEO, Trust) and Andrew Crocker (CEO, Whai Rawa).

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Marama Royal and Jamie Sinclair provide an overview on the upcoming Special General Meeting

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Jamie Sinclair and Precious Clark share information regarding Loan Ratios

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Marama Royal and Renata Blair share information regarding Membership

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Unpacking the voting pack that you receive in the post

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