Information on what's happening on our whenua

Toi Whenua is a team that sits within  Whai Maia. The role of Toi Whenua o Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei – Heritage and Resource Management, Mahi Toi and Te Reo Unit – is to support the Trust, Whai Maia / Whai Rawa and Reserves Boards, and Treaty of Waitangi negotiation team, on heritage and resource management issues.

We develop and implement strategies, structures and systems, projects, and programmes and services on behalf of the Board that promote the mana whenua and rangatiratanga of Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei in Tamaki, with a focus on kaitiakitanga (safeguarding and enhancing people, the environment and its resources, Ngāti Whātuatanga and our taonga and heritage places).

We actively maintain and build relationships with key people, community groups, departments and organisations, from private developers to infrastructure companies, to Local Boards to the Auckland Council and its CCOs, to enhance our role as heritage / environmental / mana whenua advocates. Our unit is often the first point of contact for these organisations.

Native Bush Care and Nursery

Kaitiaki of our Whenua and Ecological Restoration Projects

Ōrākei Visual Framework

View a vision for the Whenua Rangatira and Pourewa

Housing strategy

Our vision for whānau housing


Pourewa is the land block adjacent to the Kupe Street and Kepa Road junction.

Whenua Rangatira

Encompasses both Takaparawhau | Bastion Point, and Orākei Domain (Okahu Bay)

Toi Whenua Pānui

Keep up to date with what's happening in and around our rohe >>

Pourewa Nursery Work

You may have noticed some activity taking place on Pourewa site. The Pourewa Nursery Complex project, which will support the ongoing ecological restoration of our Whenua and also community kai, mātauranga Māori and rangahau projects, has commenced.
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Ōkahu Bay

As part of our ongoing mahi of restoring the mauri to Ōkahu Bay, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei have influenced a positive outcome with Auckland council to seperate storm water and waste water systems in the Ōrākei catchment areas.

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Tuturiwhatu (NZ Dotteral)

As you maybe aware for the past 3 years we have had the privilege to manaaki an endangered manu "Tuturiwhatu" (NZ Dotteral).
2017 - we identified two adult birds and one nest on Takaparawhau
2018 - we identified two adults and two nest on Whenua Rangatira.
2019 - we identified four nests and six Dotteral/Tuturuwhatu on Papakainga, Takaparawhau and Michael Joseph Savage.

To manaaki ngā manu we have posted signs on fences, pegged signs near the nest site, tried cages to protect the nests and eggs and recently we did not maintained certain areas to keep them hidden from predators. Most common predators are cats, dogs, rats and other birds.
If you wish to learn more and support this kaupapa we have a bird monitoring program with the Eastern Song Birds and Okahu Rakau. Click here for more.