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Ngā Oha Mātauranga - Education Grants

Educations Grants are now open for 2021

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Ngā Oha Mātauranga

Ngā Oha Mātauranga are annual grants distributed to support ngā uri o Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei and their education journey’s from Early Childhood Education to Tertiary. Values of each grant vary based on level of study. 


Grant Type Value
Early Childhood Up to $300.00
Primary (Mainstream) $300.00
Primary (Māori-Medium) $400.00
Secondary (Mainstream) $300.00
Secondary (Māori-Medium) $400.00
Certificate Level 1,2,3 Up to $300.00
Certificate Level 4,5,6 Up to $1000.00
Bachelor’s Degree Up to $2,500.00
Post Graduate Up to $3,500.00
Master’s Degree Up to $5000.00
Doctorate Up to $7000.00


Holiday Programme


A 5-day marae-based holiday programme held at Ōrākei Marae for Secondary students (year 8-13).

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Te Reo Tuawhiti Hōtaka Reo


We are happy to announce that we are taking registrations for our Te Reo Tuawhiti 2021 our brand new suite of (hōtaka Reo) Reo initiatives starting in March 2021. There are Te Reo lessons for all levels,  Performing Arts (Kapa haka), Distance/Overseas learning and more!

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Employment Support - Up-skilling & Training


Our team can assist and support you with:

Work Preparation – CV writing, presentation and Interviewing skills

 Upskilling & Retooling – Certificates or licences.

Employment Opportunities  – Meaningful employment opportunities or a starting point into the workforce. 

We’ve created a one-stop-shop for you to see all opportunities relating to education, employment and enterprise. Click here for more.

Tū Pakihi (SME)


Tū Pakihi looks to support small-medium sized whānau owned businesses who are at start-up phase or within their first 18 months of trading. We support these businesses by providing a wrap-around support package which includes access to business mentors, financial and compliance support, Xero accounting training and support, back office resource support and networking opportunities.

We’ve created a one-stop-shop for you to see all opportunities relating to education, employment and enterprise. Click here for more.

Free nib Health Insurance - Toi Ora


A comprehensive health insurance policy for all hapū members to improve health and wellbeing. Includes coverage of specialists, GP, professional services and much more. The cost is directly paid to the health insurance company.

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Ōrākei Health Services – GP Clinic


Ōrākei Health is proudly owned and operated by Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei. We provide quality general health and medical care for whānau/families living in East Auckland.

​Our clinic is situated at the Eastridge Mall in Ōrākei and is an affordable low-cost service with qualified and experienced staff.

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Savings Scheme - Toi Tupu


A Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei iwi investment savings scheme that encourages whānau to save for a better future. Each year $500.00 is contributed towards a savings scheme for each member.

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Tamariki Ora/Well Child


Tamariki Ora/Well Child is a home-based service offered to tamariki birth to 4 years. Tamariki Ora/Well Child services can support you to protect and improve your child’s health so he/she can grow and develop to their full potential.

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Weaving Waiora Wānanga


This is a free kaupapa Māori ante-natal wānanga to support hapū māmā and whānau on their parenting journey. The wānanga is for hapū māmā who are registered with Tamariki Ora.

Click here to find out more about the wānanga.

Whānau Ora


Whai Maia delivers the Whānau Ora contract which aims build whānau on their strengths. We have experienced Whānau Ora Navigators who work alongside each whānau along their journey. Click here for more info.

Summer Internship Programme


The Internship programme runs over the summer period and gives applicants the opportunity to gain work experience with Whai Māia, Whai Rawa or the Trust Board, in various roles across the three organisations. The successful applicants are placed on a fixed term paid contract.

For Senior School Leavers and Year 1-2 Uni Students.

Express your interest now, closing Thursday 12 August: Click here to apply – https://bit.ly/3xLMiW0


Education Resources


Other resources

Digital Device – Chromebook (Year 6-13 Students)

Many schools use Chromebooks as a learning resource. Year 6-13 students have the option of receiving a Chromebook or an education grant.

Students who applied for and received a Chromebook in 2020 will not be able to apply for a Chromebook in 2021, but will be able to apply for an education grant.

Applications for the Digital Device – Chromebook are closed.


InZone Scholarship

InZone’s mission is to actively support Māori and Pasifika to excel through access to highly effective schools whilst living in a supportive whānau environment with a Māori and Christian kaupapa.

For more information, click here.

NCEA Rewards

The NCEA Rewards is an acknowledgement of NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 achievements and will be distributed once results have been received.

Age $
Year 10-13 Students Up to $450.00

For more information, click here.

Tutoring and STEAM Subsidy

The Tutoring and STEAM subsidy supports students who are accessing extra assistance with numeracy, literacy and STEAM – STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

One application will be processed per year for each eligible hapū member.

For more information, please email whaimaia@nwo.iwi.nz

Age $
5-12 y/o $1,000.00 per year

Water Sport Subsidy

Formerly the Swimming Subsidy, this Water Sport Subsidy is to support tamariki who are involved in water sports.

Invoices, receipt or a document of ‘fees to be paid’ need to be supplied upon application. One application will be processed per year for each eligible hapū member.

Application coming in March 2021.

$ Close Date
Up to $300.00 30 Sep 2021


Sports Grant

The Sports grant is provided by the Trust Board to help support high performing sports persons.

For more information, please email whaimaia@nwo.iwi.nz

Age $
12+ y/o Up to $500.00