Pakeke 19-64

Learn about what we have to offer for you and your pakeke
  • Whai Māia Ltd Future Director Programme

    Investing in developing leadership within Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei is key to ensuring a prosperous future for our coming generations. Developing governance capability to drive decisions that benefit our future generations is a method that can be implemented to ensure this aspiration is realised.  

    The Whai Māia Future Director Programme is a response to growing this capability for the tribe and providing a robust succession plan for Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei leadership. The programme will be delivered over a two-year tenure, providing real-life experience and exposure to the functions of a board. Click here for more info & to apply!

  • Mahi100

    Mahi100 is a campaign that aims to advance 100 Whātua uri into employment and/or upskilling opportunities. We will be working closely with key partners to ensure whānau have the best wrap-around support regarding employment

    We offer a range of employment supports!

    • Support with seeking employment
    • Career mapping support 
    • Up-skilling support 
    • HR support
    • Licensing e.g Fork hoist and truck



Programmes & Services

  • Our team can assist and support you with:

    Work Preparation – CV writing, presentation and Interviewing skills

     Upskilling & Retooling – Certificates or licences.

    Employment Opportunities  – Meaningful employment opportunities or a starting point into the workforce. 

    We’ve created a one-stop-shop for you to see all opportunities relating to education, employment and enterprise.

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  • Ngā Oha Mātauranga are annual grants distributed to support ngā uri o Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei and their education journey’s from Early Childhood Education to Tertiary. Values of each grant vary based on level of study.

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  • A comprehensive health insurance policy for all hapū members to improve health and wellbeing. Includes coverage of specialists, GP, professional services and much more. The cost is directly paid to the health insurance company.

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  • The Reo Māori initiative are aimed at increasing the visibility, the application and the everyday usage of te reo Māori in multiple contexts including but not limited to Ōrākei and the homes of hapū members, in both spoken and written forms.

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  • Come and meet our Kapa Haka experts, and join us in learning Ngāti Whātua waiata. 

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  • The Internship programme runs over the summer period and gives applicants the opportunity to gain work experience with Whai Māia, Whai Rawa or the Trust Board, in various roles across the three organisations. The successful applicants are placed on a fixed term paid contract.

    For Senior School Leavers and Year 1-2 Uni Students.

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  • Our moemoeā is to educate and motivate our Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei whānau and ensure that we are providing quality services that will equip our whānau with the right tools to help create healthier lifestyle changes for now and future generations.

    Our kaupapa includes:

    • Takatū Gym Classes
    • Health & Sports Initiatives

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  • Ōrākei Health Services is proudly owned and operated by Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei. We provide quality general health and medical care for whānau/families living in East Auckland.

    ​Our clinic is situated at the Eastridge Mall in Ōrākei and is an affordable low-cost service with qualified and experienced staff.

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  • The Toitoi Manawa-Tāmaki Hub clinical team provide a range of immunisations and testing. As well as onsite services, the team also cater to outreach and home visits.

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  • Tamariki Ora/Well Child is a home-based service offered to tamariki birth to 4 years. Tamariki Ora/Well Child services can support you to protect and improve your child’s health so he/she can grow and develop to their full potential.

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  • This is a free kaupapa Māori ante-natal wānanga to support hapū māmā and whānau on their parenting journey. The wānanga is for hapū māmā who are registered with Tamariki Ora.  Email to find out dates and for more information.

    Click here for more information about wānanga.

  • A Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei iwi investment savings scheme that encourages whānau to save for a better future. Each year $500.00 is contributed towards a savings scheme for each member. 

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  • Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Hōtaka Hararei (Holiday Programme) is a  5-day marae-based holiday programme held at Ōrākei Marae. Tamariki and rangatahi are immersed in tikanga, waiata, whakawhanaungatanga, hītori, and fun activities around Tāmaki.

    Watch this space for more info. Follow us on social media for updates!

  • Learn to waiata with our very own Ngāti Whātua tohunga kaiwaiata, Majic Paora or learn to play acoustic guitar with Te Whaiao Manga, experienced, qualified and beautiful guitarist, the partner of Majic Paora.

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