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About Toi Pakihi

Toi Pakihi is the framework for Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei business and enterprise. We committed to adorning our businesses with supports to enable them to develop, thrive and create prosperous futures in business. Take a look at the range of different supports available now.

The Toi Pakihi logo depicts the circular, indigenous economy of abundance. The circle is a core shape that represents the holistic tūāpapa of wellbeing. The taurapa to the right denotes rangatiratanga, finding your own direction in life. The takārangi merges into the taurapa of a waka, symbolising leadership qualities of uri being the steerers of their own futures and prosperity and feeding back into the oranga of the iwi.

Whatu-a Webseries

Whatu-a: Whatu (verb) (-a) means to weave. Our Whatu-a webseries weaves together the three E’s (Education, Employment and Enterprise) where whānau have real-life conversations, sharing their experiences in their industries to provide insight into their everyday working life. Across the 5 webisodes we had a range of familiar faces feature and share their experiences, a little top tip and insights into their journey, relating to the education, employment and small-medium enterprise (SME) sectors.

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