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All about the nib insurance scheme available for ngā uri o Tuperiri

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Toi Ora – sources of health, the knowledge of wellbeing; the summit of wellbeing to which we live to aspire. Toi Ora is whānau, whakapapa and hauora all intertwined to nurture the wellbeing of our whānau as well as the wider hapū.

Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of ngā uri o Tuperiri and aim to achieve this by facilitating barrier-free access to enduring health and wellbeing for all.
Alongside the Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei health insurance scheme, Toi Ora offers a range of resources and tools to support you and your whānau in attaining wellbeing a-wairua, a-tinana, a-hinengaro, a-whānau.

NWŌ Health Insurance Overview

As part of the overarching Toi Ora kaupapa, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei offers a universal health insurance scheme for all hapū registered members. Provided in partnership with nib, the motivation providing health insurance for all uri of Tuperiri is to empower whānau to be well, stay well and be the leaders of their hauora journey.

  • Health Insurance Policy

    Your nib health insurance policy is renewing and it just got even better! Check out the updated nib Insurance Policy.

    NWO Policy Document
  • Health Insurance Brochure

    Overview of your health insurance.

    NWO nib Brochure
  • Meet our nib kaiārahi

    Need help navigating the nib policy? Claudia & Rawinia’s consultations will be alternating between Tāmaki Hub & Whai Māia tari, fortnightly on Wednesday’s from 9:30am – 3pm. Alternatively you can book an online consultation too!

    Book a face-to-face or online consultation
  • Meet Our nib Wellness Coaches.

    Jen Edlington & Rebekka Costello – Registered Nurses with nib Jen & Rebekka are able to assist with Wellness programs that whānau have access to. To find out more about nibs programs check out the Better Health Booklet or contact the nib team.

    nib Better Health Booklet

nib Special Offers & Resources

  • The Everyday Health cover now has NEW and ENHANCED benefits. You can now claim back 100% on costs for ALL everyday health benefits such as going to the dentist or the physio. There are also exciting NEW benefits including Prescriptions, Rongoā Māori, Vaccinations, Ear, Joint and Foot Care benefits. And all easily claimable via the nib phone app. There are limits to each benefit, so click here to find out more.

  • Get your prescription glasses covered with Specsavers!

    Did you know that you’re entitled to an eye health check worth $60 each policy year? Plus, you can use your $250 Optical Appliance benefit to choose up to TWO pairs of glasses in Specsavers $299 range, at no extra cost? 

    If you live in Aotearoa click here

    If you live in Australia click here

    Start your journey towards better eyesight be applying for your pre-approval or get in touch with if you need help making the most of this benefit

  • Staying connected with your GP is now even better! Claim back 100% on GP and Nurse Practitioner consult fees up to a maximum of $350 per policy year – including Cervical screenings and Intravenous Iron infusions. Simply submit your GP receipts via the nib phone app or email to

  • Whakarongo! Protecting your hearing matters.

    Good hearing helps us to connect with friends and whānau every day. That’s why caring for your hearing matters. 

    Your nib health cover provides up to $250 for hearing tests and up to $250 for any hearing treatment that you may need each policy year, if you’ve been referred by a registered specialist. It all helps make sure you can keep on listening to all the things you care about.

    Hearing support is just one benefit of your nib health cover. See what else you're covered for here and if you need guidance or more information, you can get in touch with

  • Get moving towards your better health

    Want to stay mobile, or move like when you were younger? Seeing a physio could help you achieve more movement in life and prevent injury - and your nib health cover Everyday Option gives you up to $100 each policy year towards physiotherapy treatment.

    You don't have to do it all alone either. Contact who can help guide you through using this benefit and more.

  • Help improve your joint health through nib!

    Start your journey towards healthier joints by making the most of your nib Joint Care Benefit. It can cover the cost of joint treatment with an osteopath for up to $40 a visit, totaling $250 each policy year when you’re referred by a doctor or specialist.

    If you are continuing to struggle with ongoing pain, nib's Wellness Coaches can set eligible members up with nib’s Healthier Joints: Pain Management Programme to help manage chronic pain at no additional cost.

    If you want to know more about this benefit or nib's other Health Management Programmes, you can email for more info.

  • Get up to $500 for Rongoā Māori Treatment!

    Want to make the most of the benefits in your nib health cover?

    Get up to $500 each policy year to go towards Rongoā Māori consultations and treatments. This includes physical therapies with a registered Rongoa practitioner for things like mirimiri and kōmiri, rongoā rākau, and wairua healing like karakia. 

    Get in touch with to find out more!

  • Get tips on improving your lifestyle and wellbeing

    We enjoyed all the awesome advice given by Tanapo Rakena from nib and Jarrod Cannons from PreKure, who shared helpful tips on food, recipes, exercise, sleep, stress and more, to help improve our wellbeing.

    If you missed it or want to rewatch their kōrero about how choosing good kai and an active lifestyle can help keep you and your whānau healthy, you can find the webinar video here and some bonus Q&A’s from the session here .

    Cook healthy meals with your free recipe book

    You can also kickstart your journey towards making healthier lifestyle choices with a free recipe book from PreKure which contains meals that can help with blood sugar control. You can get cooking with the recipe book here .

    Feel free to share this webinar and recipe book with your friends and whānau who would love tips, tricks and delicious recipes to help them stay healthy. It’s even easier to make changes when everyone is doing it together!

    Mauri ora

  • Supporting you on your health journey!

    nib’s Wellness Coaches are qualified healthcare professionals who can help support you in achieving your health goals. They have the expertise to connect you with tools and services to help you manage your health and can set up eligible nib members with nib’s Health Management Programmes, if there’s one that fits your needs.

    To check out the health management programmes that are available click here.

    If you want to korero about your health with a qualified professional, you can email to start chatting with a Wellness Coach.

    To learn more about nib's personalised service, check out the video below of Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei member, Katrina's inspiring health journey. 


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